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The generator set consists of an engine, a generator and a control system. Diesel generator set is a kind of power supply equipment which USES diesel engine as prime mover and drags synchronous generator to generate electricity. It is a kind of power generation device with quick start, convenient operation and maintenance, less investment and strong adaptability to the environment. The generator set can be seen everywhere in people's life and production, which plays a very important role. Generator sets are used in many fields, such as coal, electric power, petroleum, chemical, biological and other industries. WINKELL CO.,LTD is specialized in the production and sales of generator sets and other related services.
WINKELL CO.,LTD. Sales of doosan series generators engine power, durability first-class. And with its small size, light weight, strong resistance to sudden load capacity, low noise, economic and reliable and other characteristics by the world recognized. Suitable for standby and common generators. Meet the demand for electricity around the world. Advantages of Doosan generator set: 1. Low consumption. Doosan has achieved a significant increase in power output while improving fuel efficiency, achieving the dual purpose of saving fuel and improving power for customers. 2. High durability. Customers benefit from Doosan's efforts to build more durable engines. The team strengthened key components by reducing stress concentration and increasing fatigue strength. For example: stiffness of cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod and piston ring. 3. Improved exhaust manifold durability. Mounting a bracket on the exhaust manifold provides better protection against leakage and rupture due to vibration. 4. High performance radiator. A radiator can reduce the heat generated by the engine during operation and effectively prevent the engine from overheating. 5. The new design of intercooler and material improvement greatly improve the performance and durability of engine radiator. 6. Easy to maintain. 7. Key parts and components can be used. 8. Easy installation: The engine takes up little space when assembling the unit. Easy to install. 9. Easier connection with motor. 10. It's more convenient to move the engine. 11. Avoid interference with installation tools. 12. Convenient for installation in cold areas. Starting the machine in cold areas requires protection of the end of the water heater.
WINKELL CO.,LTD is a professional company engaged in the production, sales, maintenance, leasing and technical service of generator sets and related supporting products. Since its establishment more than ten years ago, the company has been providing reliable, advanced, environmentally friendly, cost-effective generator sets and related products and solutions to meet the needs of customers with years of accumulated technical experience.
WINKELL power generation has been focusing on research and development and production of generating sets for a long time. It has accumulated rich experience in this field and established and maintained long-term friendly cooperative relations with famous engine manufacturers at home and abroad, so as to ensure excellent product quality, advanced technology and flexible design. As a professional generator set manufacturer, WINKELL power generation takes customer demand as its own responsibility, takes leading market demand as its goal, and returns to the society as its purpose. It is actively committed to design and develop various efficient, energy-saving, green and environmental protection power generation systems, and can make customized designs according to customer requirements. WINKELL unit quality is consistent.
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