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China has produced 10 megawatts of offshore wind turbines

Chengdu, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- China's first 10-megawatt offshore permanent-magnet direct-drive wind turbine, manufactured by Dongfang Electric Group, completed factory testing in Deyang, Sichuan On Tuesday.
On the same day, in China's equipment manufacturing capital Deyang, dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Electric Motor Co., LTD., the reporter saw this wind turbine with completely independent intellectual property rights running normally under live load. At about 17 o 'clock, the factory test is completed and can be shipped from the factory.
On October 17, 2018, Dongfang Electric Group Wind Power Co., Ltd. received the IEC Design Certificate for 10 MW offshore wind turbines issued by China Quality Certification Center, which is a "pass" for the design and manufacture of 10 MW offshore wind turbines. Dongfang Electric has become the first manufacturer in China and the second in the world to obtain the IEC design certificate for 10 MW large offshore wind turbines.
The r&d personnel in China fully consider the characteristics of China's sea areas and apply the direct-drive permanent magnet + full-power frequency conversion technology route. The product has excellent active typhoon resistance performance. The 10 megawatt wind turbines are a lot bigger than the current five megawatts or less. The generator has large dimensions and high machining precision. The motor test was successful in one stroke, and all the indexes met the design technical requirements, indicating that China has been able to develop and manufacture high-power offshore permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbines.
It is reported that the generator will be sent to Fujian province, installed in the Gulf of Xinghua offshore wind field. Offshore wind power is a new green energy. Data shows that in 2018, a 90-megawatt offshore wind farm in Tianjin, consisting of 18 5-megawatt wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 180 million kilowatt-hours, which is equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption of 80,000 households, saves 64,000 tons of standard coal and reduces 192,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Ten megawatts of offshore wind turbines will bring greater efficiency.
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