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The Tesla ran out of power halfway through, but I had a gaso

Buy tesla's owner, driving out, most afraid of is their car without electricity, or near there is no charging pile, and this time the car with a gasoline generator is very good recently, abroad have an owner should bring along their own "gasoline generators," tesla in halfway when their car without electricity, vehicles with gasoline to help him. It is reported that this Tesla Model S is a 2019-model Tesla Model S long-endurance version, with a domestic guide price of 756,900 yuan and a landing price of 780,000 yuan.

It is positioned as a medium-sized and large car with a frameless door and a pure battery range of 660 kilometers. It only takes 1 hour for fast charging and 10 hours for slow charging. This Tesla motor has 662 horsepower, a maximum torque of 844 nm and a maximum power of 487KW. It can accelerate 100 km in only 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h, and the power is not weak. Such a tesla ran out of power halfway through, passing cars using gasoline to help the owner, because there is a gasoline generator inside. It turned out that many people would be equipped with electric motors in the car, but almost no Tesla owners would be equipped with gasoline generators in the car. This car owner was very surprised to be equipped with the electric motors. He could put his car on the road at one time only by giving a certain amount of gasoline to the passing vehicles or buying gasoline himself.

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